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  • EGO Hyper 6 Army

    The unmistakable EGO Hyper Army. Implemented the pickup at the handle with an innovative No-coil technology that gives a very natural sound. In this version bridge with six piezo saddles ready to midi. Unique look: Matte military green, black and kevlar. 
  • Ego Hyper 6 LSD

    This version combines the most advanced features typical of the #Hyper series with the elegance and uniqueness typical of #ART models. It has the most useful and important features, to have an instrument with infinite sound possibilities. Each model of this series is compatible with all accessories and upgrades.

  • EGO Mine 6 “Nat Race”

    Ego #Mine 6 Nat-RAce This Ego is from the “Mine” series with cutting-edge features but with a great attention to simplicity.Handle with variable profile, pick ups Lace Alumitone, bridge with bearings…. all with a racing look with carbon details and a hi-gloss natural red finish that recalls tradition.

  • EGO Mine 6 S

    EGO #Mine 6 S An Ego in a didactic guise. This version has in itself all the essential features of the model #Mine with a courseual look.Tremolo, Lace pickup, handle with AVS® shape and the unmistakable carbon fiber pickguard.

  • EGO Mine 6 Splash Wave

    Mine 6 model with an Artistic Splash Wave finish. The sounds are managed by two Zunami HB Bare Knuckle Nail Bomb, intuitive and functional electronics, Italian precision hardware on ball bearings and simplified maintenance thanks to the removable truss. Nothing to the case also for the management of the certificate and the technical and maintenance data of the instrument thanks …