EGO Mine 6 Splash Wave

Mine 6 model with an Artistic Splash Wave finish. The sounds are managed by two Zunami HB Bare Knuckle Nail Bomb, intuitive and functional electronics, Italian precision hardware on ball bearings and simplified maintenance thanks to the removable truss. Nothing to the case also for the management of the certificate and the technical and maintenance data of the instrument thanks to the NFC technology on board.

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Ego #Mine 6 Splash Wave EGO, means no one ever the same as you. The unique gestures of the coloring method in this Splash Wave make the tool art in your hands. 6 strings in standard tuning fork 25.5″ combined with the variable profile AVS shape make the gestures fluid and never tiring thanks to the asymmetrical interlocking accessibility is unparalleled. Extremely stable Richlite keyboard, 0 titanium freets and sounds managed by two HB Nail Bombs, make it a powerful but very dynamic instrument. Bridge in Brass and stainless steel milled from solid with robotic technologies and leveling bubble for a quick setup. The tuning takes place from the bridge in a fluid way thanks to all the couplings on bearings. Action easily manageable thanks to a special tool that allows a fine adjustment to stretched rope on each individual saddle. NFC technology moves the new standard of certification and authenticity. The first to use this system since 2017. 

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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 80 × 32 × 12 cm